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dtSearch™ Network

• dtSearch™ Network makes a wide range of data accessible for searching across a network–word processor, database, spreadsheet, email, ZIP, XML, PDF, HTML, Unicode files and more.

•Indexing and searching algorithms are optimized for very fast performance on even the largest corporate networks.
• Search time, even with simultaneous searching of a very large indexed database, is typically less than a second

How dtSearch™ Works on the Network

See dtSearch™ Desktop for details on the indexing and searching process; information on viewing retrieved files with highlighted hits and (for HTML and PDF) embedded links and images; and other hit and file viewing and navigation options.

Features for convenient network use include:

•The ability to provide different users with access to different sets of continually updated data.

•Concurrent indexing and searching using multiple shared index libraries.

•Integration with the Windows Task Scheduler, for scheduling index updates, etc.

•Options packages for conveniently using and sharing dtSearch™ settings on a network (see screen shot, above).

•Support for heterogeneous language environments for international organizations and other mixed-language network users (including Unicode support).

•UNC support.

•Numerous index management functions.

•Shared capabilities such as for macros and shared synonym rings in the user thesaurus.

•Optional file segmentation for the treatment of long text files as multiple logical subdocuments, for older legacy data or other long text files such as logs.

•Optional sharing of indexes with dtSearch™ Web and dtSearch™ Text Retrieval Engine.

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• See dtSearch™ Desktop for details on indexing, searching and display.
• See dtSearch™ Spider for searching from within dtSearch™ Network across the Web.
• See FindPlus® Distributed Searching for searching remote enterprise services.
• For more information, see Search Features – Full-Text, Fields, Compatability, Display, OCR and Capacity & Speed.

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